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Brain Voyager: Brain Tutor – Neuroimaging for Free December 9, 2006

Posted by Johan in Neuroscience, Raves.

In my last post I discussed how some aspects of Psychology just aren’t well explained through long paragraphs of text. Neuroscience is certainly one example, where the location of each bit can seem more than a little abstract (which is closer to the side of the head, the medial frontal or the precentral gyrus?). A free application available for Mac, Windows and Linux comes to the rescue: Brain Voyager: Brain Tutor. The full-scale Brain Voyager program deals with visualising and analysing fMRI data. The Brain Tutor simply has one structural MRI image pre-loaded, and lets you zoom around it. It even highlights gyri, sulci, or lobes for you, as you click on them.

Unfortunately, Brain Tutor can be confusing to use at first, and its documentation is a bit lacking. So I wrote a guide to Brain Tutor. Hopefully it will prove useful. If you’ve never used Brain Tutor, there are some pictures of the application in action in the guide. Here is a sneak peek:



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