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Encephalon #18 is out! March 14, 2007

Posted by Johan in Off Topic.

Go read it at Pharyngula.

I particularly liked two posts.

Madam Fathom has a write-up on a recent neuroimaging study on risk aversion by Tom:

when the subjects evaluated the possibility of losing money, the areas associated with negative emotions, such as fear and anxiety, were not activated. In fact, there were no areas that became more activated in response to increased potential loss. Instead, such scenarios silenced the areas that had been activated in response to potential gain. Notably, these areas were turned down in response to potential loss more strongly than they were turned up by potential gain. In other words, the neural response to potential loss was stronger than the neural response to potential gain; the activity in these neural circuits thus mirrored the subjects’ behavioral aversion to risk.

Omnibrain reports on remote-controlled pigeons. No, really:

There are all sorts of remote control rodents and cockroaches out there now – but I guess they’ve stepped it up a notch and created a remote control flying rodent cockroach hybrid (also known as the common pigeon). Now, not only can they control in which direction the pigeon flies, they can also control when it releases its little whitish projectile.


1. MC - March 16, 2007

Hi Johan. Would you like to host Encephalon on 4th June?

2. Johan - March 16, 2007

Absolutely! Send me an email on johancarlinXX(at)XXyahoo.com, minus the X’s.

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