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Bring on the Encephalon March 26, 2007

Posted by Johan in Neuroscience.

Encephalon #19 is out at Peripersonal Space. It’s somewhat of a special on the supposed dichotomy between emotion and reason, a topic close to my area of interest.

I particularly liked a report by Bohemian Scientist on a recent squabble in Neuroscience regarding the merits of a paper in Nature, which criticised our current model for understanding membrane potentials. This model forms part of the bedrock of research in Neuroscience (think evolution through natural selection, almost), so naturally, the authors catch some flak for rocking the boat. BS ties this controversy nicely to the wider Academic tradition of less-than-open-minded and enlightened debate.

Also, Psyblog is putting together a top 10 list of the most important studies in Psychology. The nominations are in, and now it’s time to vote. While I normally don’t think of top lists as particularly meaningful, this one is useful for a quick check that you’re at least familiar with the 10 nominees. Finally, Brainblogger has an interesting summary of key papers in the budding field of neural implants.


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