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Prolonged vacation and the dangers of diet soda July 25, 2007

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The blog has been idle for long enough for the spam bots to kick in properly – I can only surmise that they specifically target blogs with no recent post since there is less risk of moderation that way.

My vacation is still on, now in Budapest, Hungary. What little time I have for science is spent re-learning high school maths for the GRE and reading up for a literature review on face processing in Schizophrenia.

I was going to post a quick rant about the recently hyped-up story on how diet soda is linked with ‘metabolic syndrome’ (heart disease, diabetes and other consequences of poor eating), just like regular soda. There are some obvious problems with how the media has interpreted the correlational, non-causal relationship between metabolic syndrome and diet soda consumption, e.g., could it be that people who drink a lot of diet soda do so at fast food restaurants and in other contexts where you might eat unhealthy foods?

However, Shelley at Retrospectacle already posted an excellent critique of the study. I really have nothing to add, so go read about it at Retrospectacle instead.


Holiday July 1, 2007

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Gotland is an island off the coast of Sweden. Expect more blogging in two weeks or so.