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A personal note April 11, 2008

Posted by Johan in Off Topic.

I’m taking a break. It isn’t clear to me that a blog is the optimal format for a weekly or fortnightly 1000+ words on technical matters. It’s too much, too seldom for most readers. In any case, blogging has mainly been about entertaining myself, and it doesn’t do that for me anymore. I may be back at some point, or I may join another blog. Watch this space to find out.

As an aside: I will get my BSc in Psychology from York this summer. I have received an offer for a PhD at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit at Cambridge. Curiously, this blog was mentioned by one of the panelists during my interview. I have no idea how much weight, if any, that my efforts here carried in the decision to admit me. It nevertheless makes for a natural and happy ending to this blog. I started writing these posts because I wanted some direction and purpose for my extracurricular readings. Starting this autumn, my own research may provide that outlet instead.

A big thank you to everyone who read, commented, or linked to my posts.